Weed abatement Inspections

About Weed Abatement

Homes are damaged or destroyed each year throughout Southern California when wildfire spreads from undeveloped areas into developed areas. To help prevent the spread of fire, the Chino Valley Fire District reminds residents to keep their homes and property clear of brush and rubbish. It is important to remember that weed abatement is a year-round commitment to keeping your family, home, and community safe. View the Brush Clearance Flyer (PDF). This FAQs information sheet outlines the requirements for proper Weed Abatement clearance.

The Chino Valley Fire District enforces the weed abatement requirements outlined in the Fire Code and Health and Safety Code. 

As a courtesy, the Fire District notifies residents in advance of upcoming inspections by mailing reminder cards, playing public service announcements on local cable channels, publicizing dates on utility bills and by placing banners throughout the Chino Valley.

Residents are responsible for clearing their properties themselves or can contact a contractor to clear the property for them. The Fire District does not endorse any contractor. A list of Weed Abatement Contractors (PDF) that have operated within the Chino Valley Fire District or surrounding communities is provided for reference.

Seasonal Weed Abatement Program

Fire inspectors conduct property inspections for weeds and rubbish that presents, or potentially presents, a fire hazard each Spring and Fall. For guidelines, please reference FAQs information sheet.


Chino Valley Fire District Inspectors will begin inspecting parcels in late March for fire dangers posed by overgrown weeds or other hazardous vegetation.  Non-Compliant parcels will be notified by mail in April.

If the weeds are removed before the May 15th reinspection date, no fee is assessed. If there are weeds and rubbish present after the May 15th reinspection date, you will be required to remove the hazard and will be assessed a $300 Non-Compliance Penalty.

If no action is taken to abate the problem, the Fire District will administer the removal of the hazard at the property owner's expense. Charges will be billed and, if not paid, will appear on your next property tax bill as follows:

  • $300 Non-Compliance Penalty per parcel (APN)
  • $328 Weed Abatement Administrative Cost Recovery fee per parcel (APN)
  • The cost of clearing the property

The legal owner-of-record at the time the property is cited is responsible for these charges.


Parcels are also inspected annually in the Fall, primarily targeting re-growth of vegetation and tumbleweeds. Inspections begin the last week of August. The same process applies as in the Spring.

If you have any questions concerning the minimum fire safety requirements or the Weed Abatement Program, please call 909-902-5285.